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Exotic = a parrot, not me.

The term “Mulatto” sounds like a cookie, not an “identity.” It’s roots are in slavery and are often associated with “mules.” (offspring of a horse and a donkey, hints that if you’re of mixed race that you can’t reproduce. Still think it’s acceptable now? It sounds extremely offensive.)

I don’t like the word, please don’t use it to describe me. Use words like, “nice, sweet, theatrical, creative, great writer, etc.” or if you think I’m mean or a horrible writer, you can say so, but don’t be offensive.   And at least back it up with some supportive analysis if you think I’m truly a horrible writer.

Also, if you insist on using a racial term, use biracial, or multi-ethnic. My mom is white and my dad is black. It’s 2013, please be educated. And if you aren’t sure, ASK what’s acceptable. Or try, “Do you mind me asking about your background? I love to learn about new cultures.” It’s less offensive than trying to pin a label on me. Asking is great. It really doesn’t hurt to ask nicely.

If you ask me, “What are you?” however, I will only respond “I’m human.”

If you assume I speak Spanish, or think that I should because you think I “look” Spanish, go jump in a lake. I grew up speaking English and I learned German because I wanted to, not because it was “expected,” or because it was considered “practical.”

This is America, you should be able to study whatever language you want to study. And your looks should have nothing to do with your decision.  I am clearly not blond haired and blue-eyed.  (A stereotype, I should point out) but I have a significant amount of German heritage in addition to my Bermudian heritage.  I also speak more German than most members of my family.  And I’m quite proud of all of these facts.)

On an another ironic and almost comical note, today I’m wearing a Daisy Fuentes shirt from Kohl’s. It’s the only one I own and I got it on clearance. It’s possible someone might say I look very “Latina” or Hispanic. I truly have no problem with other cultures and initially thought it was cool years ago, until people almost were disappointed or irritated that they weren’t “correct” in “figuring me out.”  Some Hispanics even accused me of lying about my background or about not knowing Spanish.

Seriously?  If I knew Spanish, I would speak it.  Seriously I would, but I don’t want to take time to learn a new language when I haven’t perfected the first foreign language I know.  I speak with a great accent in German, but my grammar has never been the best.  And honestly, it makes me uncomfortable when people think I HAVE to know a specific language based on my appearance. It feels like they are trying to discount my actual heritage. It gets frustrating because people are making assumptions. If you can imagine, it’s almost a similar feeling to when I put on a little weight and an old woman asked me “Oh, do you have a BABY in there???” (I didn’t) and if you frequently got that question or something similar, it would really bother you too.

That’s how I feel. Normally I wouldn’t go on about this, but for some reason, everyone I met last week wanted to put me in a box, analyze me and break me down into parts.

I’m not an experiment or a circus animal. I am a young woman, with a career and dreams and a desire to live my life without playing 20 milliion questions every day. You’d think I was a celebrity or the president. Oh wait, he’s like me too.

And while I’m continuing to be PC and informationally correct, he’s really the first HALF-BLACK/biracial president.

And I’d like to point out. DO YOU EVER HEAR ANYONE CALLING HIM MULATTO? I don’t think so. People generalize and say “African-American,” but he does have a white mother, and therefore is biracial by “definition.”  If one MUST be defined by race.  I don’t think people should be, but that is a whole other blog entry entirely.

So there you go. Thank you very much ladies and gents, I stand PC, biracial/multi-ethnic and proud.

Any haters out there can go cool off in a lake.  Or do some research.  Personally I find the comedy constructed about this sort of thing is the most informative.

Peace and Blessings.


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