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I'm a college grad who I worked for 6.5 years in retail and finally found a wonderful job working as an admission's counselor at my alma mater in fall of 2011. I love to write and hope that someday I can become published. I also love theatre like it's my other job. In fact, I love theatre so much sometimes I break out into movie/play quotes or songs from musicals. (the latter is more likely) Though I call myself an independent, I am above all an artist, so I tend to lean towards some liberal views. I firmly believe in freedom of religion, press, free speech and all that fun stuff that make our country great. I love a lot of things in life. So if you are interested in a wide variety of topics from politics, crafting, positive energy/new age thinking, writing, and even fashion advice, my blog will probably be the best one to read, because I'm a dabbler in a lot of subjects and consequently could have a conversation on almost anything...but please, let's be appropriate and kind to each other. Peace and non-denominational blessings of positive and loving energy. :)

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