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So I took on a new project, of my own volition and though it has completely good intent, I am discovering that people are insisting on breaking it down and analyzing it, rather than just an opportunity to uplift people’s spirits. 

I have been sending anonymous notes to coworkers after some difficult news was released at work.  Just compliments and positivity and yet somehow instead of just taking it for what it is, I feel like I’m getting attacked to reveal that it is me.  I would rather not have them know and just enjoy it, and not think that I did it to make them thank me.  So I have denied any claim to the notes.  People still don’t believe me.  I mentioned that sometimes it is more important to look at the message rather than the messenger, but people are having difficulty grasping that idea.  They are more interested in revealing a mystery.

And I never realized that something that was meant to be so positive, could make me feel so down.  I wanted to bring out the best in humanity, not the worst.  I think I will still continue the project, but I will continue to measure the reaction and see if it is worthwhile pursuing in the next few days. 

I wanted to change the negativity brought about by this change to positivity, not bring about more negativity.  I am trying not to feel like my heart is heavy, but I suppose it is what it is.  People will make what they want of it, and I’ll just continue to do what I do, to be what I am, and to do my best to remain in positive spirits and not think it was a mistake.

And now on to the next task…LUNCH!


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