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Tis the season for death metal and taxes! (just kidding, not REALLY death metal just gothic rock, but death rock and taxes didn’t sound as funny)

So here’s the scoop: I never really considered myself an emo or goth type, but I discovered this band by the name of “Dommin” (the last name of the lead singer.  It’s no wonder by the name that they have a most likely fan-based name of “Dommin-ation,” but they actually haven’t hit mainstream yet, or as far I can tell.  They definitely are popular by those that know them, but I’m surprised more people don’t know their music yet.

The lead singer has a very beautiful voice, though I’m not certain if he would like to be called as such, being a man, and he’d probably like me to keep to the tendency to only call a man “handsome or buff,” so for societal safety’s sake, I will say this, personally I think his voice is beautiful, but socially it’s a “handsome, melodically strong voice and I love it!”  It’s sort of like Josh Groban meets heavy metal in the look, but using that sweet voice to sing rock.  It’s great.  I am in love with their song “My Heart, Your Hands” and the deep richness of Kristofer Dommin’s voice in combination with his romantically insightful, yet dark lyrics are a lovely change from only hearing the same old pop music and oldies as well as picks that my ex-boyfriend thought were amazing (I do love most of what’s on my itunes) but he had a unique taste of music and I needed a change from listening to my “favorites.”

A funny story about trying to locate this amazing music:  when I went to go find Dommin’s album in the small city where I work, I went to a Target, and FYE following my shift, only to find out that very few places had it, Newbury Comics was my closest opportunity.  And when I mentioned the name, the male salesclerk who looked like he might be a music junkie, (thin, longish hair, and only doing music, maybe a chick or two) said he hadn’t heard of them, and he asked me if they were heavy metal, and when I asked why, he said, “Well, sometimes if the album has a heavy-metal looking cover and we don’t know what type of music it is, we stick it in the heavy metal section.”

I replied with an “Oh, okay.”  then he proceeded to find the album for me, and I asked if they had any others of them and he said that the computer only showed this one in stock, so that is what I got the “Love is Gone” album.  I signed up for the Newbury Comics Newsletter to an e-mail address I haven’t used in months and laughed internally at the salesclerk trying to read my e-mail off the sheet he’d given me so he could enter it into the register.  I think he was trying to figure out the name but because it had the name “arwen” in it, (I was a big LOTR buff in college, whatta ya want?) he seemed confused.  Maybe he didn’t know who Arwen was.  But the situation on the whole made me giggle afterward.  We didn’t know who they were, and we thought that their album cover LOOKED like heavy metal, so we stuck it there in that section.

Gotta love it.  lol.

In other news I have mostly finished my taxes, just going to have my dad look over them, and am feeling a bit weak in my grammar and phrasing today because for some reason when I have to think about numbers for an extended period of time like when you deal with taxes, my head freezes and forgets that it has any sense of intelligence, which it does, but it simply doesn’t like numbers when they specifically involve mathematics and calculating, so if my writing today seems a bit off, that could be why.  Numbers alone are quite attractive, believe it or not; they each have curves or angles or both and are artistically intriguing, but putting them together with equations and trigonometry or calculus is just a bit of a jumbled mess to even try to understand for my artsy, creative brain.  I suppose if you like writing your head is made for letters, if you like math for numbers.  I will stick to my letters because they remain constant and I can be freer with them.  Numbers will only give me a headache.  But I am in no way trying to insult the dignity of numbers, I just simply send kudos to those who can deal with them far better than I ever could.

Speaking of writing, I should go to bed soon, but am desiring to write a bit more in my novel…such is the life of a writer! inspiration only strikes you, when you are most tired or busy in some other manner…lol


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So today was fun, I was stressed at first because I was a little late to work and the ASM decided to start the meeting three minutes early, which might not seem like much, but that’s a good amount to get a register open and count it! And I have three, which also isn’t bad, but if you happen to have to go through your whole department to do a checklist because the DM is coming to visit and check up on things, your state of calmness drops from 100 to about -2.

I wore my pinstripe seaside pink Land’s End Oxford button down shirt and my jeans, (I Love that I can wear Jeans to work, just because they’re Land’s End) and the day was a little busy from the get-go, I was still opening kids when I got a page to come back up to Land’s End Women’s/Men’s and there was a customer who had forgotten her receipt and the regular sears cashiers didn’t know how to process it.  Then I had a funny customer who was very stern and had statue of liberty suspenders and he had me order a pair of jeans for his wife in the catalog, and I had to do it over the phone because the number wasn’t coming up on the website, so I did that.  And when he was reading his credit card numbers over the phone to the associate in Wisconsin, he said them very loudly and when he read his “9’s” he read them as “Niners!” which made me laugh a little on the inside.

(You know if I laughed out loud I’d get a look!)

Then there were the customer experiences where I was quite happy, and I pleased the people because I helped them find whatever they needed.  Of course you can’t please everyone, and I’ve learned to let that go, and to not feel so down about it if I can’t find something for them, especially if I’ve done all I can.

Then our DM came in, and she came of course when my boss was on a fifteen minute break.  But I walked around with her a bit and showed her the new items we’d received and greeted/assisted customers as I usually do.  The sweetest part was when I unintentionally walked into Starbucks at the same time as my boss and our DM were in Starbucks and the DM came up from behind me and said to the barista, “I’ve got this,” and laid down her credit card.  I was like “YES!” on the inside and “THANK YOU SO MUCH!” on the outside, because having a Starbucks addiction can be quite expensive.   (especially when you NEED it when you’re in retail: it’s either that or Dunkies, but Dunkies doesn’t have soy, and I am lactose intolerant so Starbucks it is, and they’re right outside the door!) Then I got to sit in on the meeting and learn stats and sales and stuff, which of course I can’t talk about online, but it was super cool.  And now I sound like I’m five.  Awesome what happens when you’re always tired.

I have to get back into blogging.  It’s fun, especially when you have a good day.  And now I can’t quite sit on my chair because my cat decided to squeeze in behind me.  What a silly kitty.  So peace out for now!

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What I’m hearing on the news lately is pissing me off, so I had to voice my feelings before I let my anger remain pent up any longer.

So, okay, the republicans had 8 years of chances to get health care right, and they keep saying the bill is bad, but after being kicked off my parents health insurance on May 12th, 2007 without warning ONLY because I graduated college, I have not been getting the healthcare I need (even with a basic PPO), and I have no sympathy for these republicans claiming it’s bad and to not give it a chance.  I can’t quite see negatives here except for the angry republicans saying it can’t be passed and they want to repeal the bill.  My issue here is that no one seems to even give the President a chance, and I have noticed this general tendency to simply shoot him down without any understandable reason. And I have a sense that it’s greed-related as well as racially motivated.   And I’m not saying that lightly, as a biracial young woman, I have seen some familiar looks of “You don’t deserve to be in office, so I am going to do everything possible to make you fail in the eyes of the American public because I don’t think a black person should be president” —that kind of look.  If you really observe many of the republicans who won’t step down on the healthcare issue, their body language and looks they give the president are reminiscent of hatred and the unwillingness to change or see the possibility of improvement in the government.  It’s that look you see on the bad guys in the movies when they know they are wrong and they just don’t want to lose power in their wild west town.  Except this time it’s Obama they’re trying to ride out of town.

Well, it’s about time these republicans are run out of town, (meaning Washington) at least the ones that are holding so tightly to their chairs that their knuckles are white.  It’s alright to maintain traditional beliefs to a point, but some things DO have to change.  And I’m sure it’s nice to live a comfy life with lots of money and nothing to worry about except whether or not you can afford your next manicure or that latest Coach purse or whatever it is, but this is ridiculous!  We’d all love to get everything we want.   But we’ve lost sight of what is American in rights as well as freedoms and what is just and what is unjust.  I also feel as if it has come to a point in this country where the rich are getting ridiculously richer and the poor are getting ridiculously poorer, and the rich continue to take care of their own needs instead of retaining the image of the land of the free, and the home of the brave (unless they are thinking the land of the free reign of the rich and the home of the bravely idiotic).

But my sarcasm is partly beside the point: We aren’t brave when we are letting our own people go hungry, when our own citizens are suffering from illnesses with no opportunity to get well because they can’t afford to be helped and the conservative notions don’t desire to budge from their rigid posts of selfish preservation and poverty continues to overwhelm what used to be the middle class.  And jobs! What Jobs?!?  If the conservative money hungry companies didn’t insist on sending all the jobs overseas, we might me in a very different economy right now. (Probably better)

I used to lean conservative, believe it or not. I thought it meant sticking to traditions and maintaining personal respect and protecting the American rights. But I have learned otherwise. It’s about being part of a party that wants to push beliefs other than Christianity off the face of the country/earth, and ostracizes people who do have other faiths; it’s about not allowing women the right to choose, (when in some cases trying to continue the pregnancy could kill them)–it’s not like you have to want to get an abortion yourself, it’s just allowing other people the option if they need it.  It’s about protecting our food and our environment from our human stupidity in our desire to be richer and richer, and destroying the world as we go about gathering our material and financial wealth.

I USED to be conservative, but then I started to question these very things and decided not to pick a party, i.e. “independent.” But I am getting angrier and angrier at this ridiculous notion of the politician’s desire to stick to the “old ways” and to discourage individual freedoms.  This is hurting us, not helping.  And speaking of hurting,  no one goes into the companies where the lowest paying jobs are and asks them, “What do YOU need?” They just keep throwing this phrase out about this bill being “bad.” COME ON people, you are educated, are you going to tell me what’s SO BAD about it?    These are words of five year olds, we all know what bad means, but stop giving me your opinion and give me the facts! Here is a consistent fact: everyone who tries to tell me this healthcare bill is “bad” usually throws around political jargon, has conservative parents who just drill it into their heads that they have to be against this healthcare reform/Obama, or simply tells me the past is repeating itself, but never gives me a real backed-up statement as to why these changes are bad? I’d also love it if Congress and the House of Reps were able to walk into Sears and hear and see what I and my coworkers have to deal with on a daily basis and then they can take my paycheck for a year (and they can give me theirs) and see how badly we don’t need healthcare reform.  I can GUARANTEE they’d have a change of heart/mind.

I’ve waited for them to fix things, I can’t even get a cavity filled or visit a specialist without paying INCREDIBLE amounts out of pocket.   How about 297 dollars for an OBGYN appointment.  Plus ten dollars for lab processing and some other fee that’s attached.  And I personally feel that unless you are in my situation or something similar, you have no idea how badly America needs this, how badly I need it, and I’m tired of the complaints about Obama, because the truth is if you have a lot of money or a job with excellent benefits, you have no bearing on ANY of this, you have no idea what it’s like to go without. ENOUGH SAID.

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