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So I haven’t been feeling good, and I went to the doctor to figure out what was going on.  I’d been feeling dehydrated constantly and always waking up in the middle of the night to pee, even if I hadn’t drunk much.  It never fails, at least once a night.  Had some dizzy spells, etc. So the doc did an EKG, ordered seven blood tests, and I got the results mailed out yesterday.  I found out that I’m prediabetic, anemic and have slightly elevated blood pressure that is unusal for the age of 24.

I’m still in denial I think.  I haven’t really reacted to it.  I know things could be worse, but at the same time I feel aggravated, and don’t want to think about it.  In fact, my general reaction has been having this desire to consume all those bad foods to get the stress off my mind.

And I should get some sleep.  Work at the Big S, to the E, to the A, to the R, and back to the S is tomorrow.

Peace love and Jelly Belly Jelly Beans for Everyone. (except those like me who aren’t supposed to have sugar anymore >_< as you can see, sugar is on the mind, lol)
Good night every body!


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I’ve realized I need to write down more of my retail experiences.  Here is one I just posted on a blog of one of my friends.  (http://www.zerosharednickels.com/wordpress/?p=419&cpage=1#comment-8981)  they seem pretty popular, and I know Chris, who’s the artist.  He’s a cool dude.

So here’s snippet one.  I might post another after dinner.  It might make my life a bit more productive instead of playing Neverwinter Nights 2 all the time.  You graduate college, you search relentlessly for a good paying job, and end up back at your summer retail job.  And then you get frustrated and play video games. It’s how the dice rolls.  If that makes sense.  I’m not really good with the “cool” cliche sayings.

I’ve got a funny tie story for you. At Sears, if we’re caught not smiling and greeting customers, we get forced to wear “The Ugly Tie.” The first one was purple, blue, red and black, in a hideous pattern. The second was pink, black white and grey in another hideous pattern. One time I got stuck with “The Ugly Tie” for three hours, because being a cashier I can’t leave my station, and sometimes I’ve just been caught off guard and they just throw it on me and run away. No one likes “The Ugly Tie.” I actually hid it once, behind some toaster ovens and blenders in home fashions, far away from the men’s department. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

I’m not really evil, I just like to add the evil laugh in there to make life interesting.  Leave a comment.  I love mail 🙂

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