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The Mutt

So a few weeks back I found out I had Portugese ancestry, and just last week I found out I’m even Jewish on my dad’s side.  I tell ya, I’m just a cultural mishmash of everything! I tell you this explains a lot of things.  Everyone thinks my brother looks Jewish.  Everyone thinks I look Spanish, so we’ve got it all covered.  I cover one aspect, he covers another.  This could also account for why I never could completely accept Christianity as my faith.  I remain for the most part, religiously neutral.  It’s no wonder.  My DNA’s all confused.  Well, it’s just fine really, but just, you know, psychologically/religiously, it’s confused.  But I’m okay with that.  I’m just okay with who I am the way I am.  I’m have a Jewish & Christian background filled with that and French gypsies, secretive & stoic-looking Germans, slavery-filled, Portugese, African, Bermudian, Barbados and am a young woman, who is American by birth. And though she’s often mistaken for various Spanish ethnicities, and also often assumed that her second language is Spanish, she actually speaks…conversational German!

No wonder I’m all confused, lol.  I’m quite the mutt.  It’s quite the plot twist.

As my favorite coffee mug says, “It’s all good.”  (It’s ironic I found this mug, because it’s often been my unconscious phrase of choice.)  Thank you Serendipity.  *cute little shop in New London, NH.  And thank you for the cool knowledge of my heritage cosmos, male and female deities of various religious backgrounds. I thank you and appreciate your various guidances. 

Alright, I’m gonna hit the sack.  Thought you’d all find that entertaining.  And cool.  Definitely cool.  Peace.


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Retail Ventings

so working in retail drains you beyond any possible understanding or belief.  I’ve had customers and associates who don’t make it past the 30/60 day review and insist this job isn’t real work.  But what defines real work.  I’m aware this isn’t a career I want forever, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s “not a real job.”  I know a woman who’s worked there for twenty some odd years as a cashier and works a second job at a home furnishings store.  She’s a single mom and has on more than one occasion, worked four weeks without a day off.  Because she can’t afford it, not because she holds pleasure in doing so. 

I’ve learned a great many life lessons from my fellow coworkers.  If you care too much, you’ll get stepped on and hurt.  If you care too little you’ll get yelled at, but if you at least prove that you’re not going to let anyone walk all over you, you’ll start to gain respect.  People don’t like it that I’m not as super sweet and nice as I used to be all the time anymore.  But the plain truth of the matter is that it exhausts me too much to be nice.  I am polite, I do my job, but if I feel I need to put my foot down, I do, and I am getting much better at standing my ground with greedy, leeching customers.  

Greedy because they want every last chance to spare money on a purchase even if they’re not following the rules of coupons or attempt to cheat the system with lies and deception they feel they deserve, JUST BECAUSE they’re people.  Not because it’s right, just because they want to get what they want.  

I also say “Leeching” because they will do anything and everything to make you feel bad when they don’t get their way, even if it’s not your fault.  Or they’ll act like a lunatic and run out of the store in some overly dramatic attempt at getting what they want and how they’ll never shop at Sears again.  But then you see them again the next week, or at another Sears store.  It’s a never-ending, painfully vicious cycle.  Just today I had some hispanic lady who’s returned a pair of baby shoes twice already and she tried to convince me that I never told her to keep her boxes for the shoes, but I know I did.  If I have the same customer more than once I almost always remember.  

Even my coworker Laura says I’m feisty.  She says I’ve grown feisty.  “You aren’t so sweet and shy anymore, and that’s a good thing!”  It’s true, as retail workers we do what we need to do to survive in a day.  Fight for credit apps from customers, encourage each other, back each other up when a customer’s being unusually irrational.  And stand up for them when the case presents itself.  But at the end of the day it’s very wearing.  We’re exhausted.  Sometimes I can’t even breathe.  I stand for almost 8 hours a day.  40 hours a week.  And I provide excellent customer service.  And that’s not a real job.  Well I’ll be damned.

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Politics anyone?

I think people have had enough of politics really.  They taste disgusting, republican, democrat, even the delicate and lovely flavor of the independent world is in danger of becoming sickeningly sour.  One of my friends put it best: “I’m at the point where I’m voting based on the character of the candidate, not whether they’re conservative or liberal.”  

I’ll admit it, both candidates could be argued to have “shady pasts,” Obama with having possibly smoked weed and the like, and McCain supporting drilling in Alaska and solely picking a woman for his VP because she’s well…a woman.  Her views are frightening to me.  And she has little to no experience.  She was only a mayor before she became governor of Alaska.  And she’s anti-EVERYTHING.  And as an independent I understand the need for some conservation on certain issues.  I have issues with illegal immigration and abortion personally, but I don’t feel I have the right to take someone’s choice away, especially if they are raped or molested and become pregnant.  People say save the child, but imagine that child’s life.  Even if the child doesn’t know their past right away, they’ll find out eventually if they want to, whether by choice, or someone comes along and spills it to them.  

That aside, I have strong concerns about the environment.  And strong concerns about personal freedoms.  I don’t like the idea that people judge you if you want to be a buddhist or atheist, or whatever.  That pisses me off.  I don’t like the idea that I can’t make choices that are educated because they make me feel better about myself, and don’t harm anyone, but yet, in the eyes of the evangelists they’re still wrong, so whatever you have against Obama.  It better be REALLY good.  Because honestly.  I think he’s going to do things differently.  I’m probably make far less money than you do, have far less healthcare, and have just as good of an education.  But I support Obama.  He’s half black like me.  He’s a minority, like me.  He’s smart, and he believes in bringing our troops home from overseas.  Stopping all this madness.  World War 2 didn’t last this long, Vietnam didn’t either.  What the heck is up with our world?

I don’t want someone who chose a VP just because she was a woman, and I don’t want a VP who could take my rights away, and only support those who are like herself.  That’s wrong.  If she takes those away, she takes away America.  And supports only those women who are like herself, and the men who are glad a tougher woman isn’t in the white house.  I don’t want John McCain in there because he supports drilling and destroying our environment instead of working on changing our dependence on oil and figuring out alternative solutions.  We don’t need eight more years of that.  And the people who say otherwise, well, they want to just continue to live their cushy lives while the rest of us work our butts off and suffer at a low, never changing minimum wage.  I’m tired of working in a corporate world that only lets the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  Whatever happened to the American Dream? Well, if you believe like Edward Albee, it’s superficial and doesn’t exist.  Until something changes for the better in our world.  Like Pete Seeger said about Einsten’s quote about human stupidity.  “There are two things that are probably infinite, the universe and human stupidity, but I’m not really so sure about the universe part.”  And concluded by saying the world if it continues on in this way probably won’t exist much longer.  And I’m no expert on humans, politics or stupidity, but he’s probably right.

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