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Family Friends Night

So I don’t have the pictures yet, but tonight was Family Friends Night at Sears.  I modeled in a “Back to School” Fashion Show.  I felt a bit awkward.  My brother and I were the two oldest models.  The rest were little kids.  No one else was brave enough, lol.  My brother even got some pageant card from someone whose daughter is in this pageant thing.  I guess, she thinks he’s good enough.

My store manager also kept making insinuations that one of the guys I work with, that we were engaged or something…like publicly to other associates.  Not sure if it’s appropriate, especially coming from him.  I’ll have to elaborate on more of this later…but…it’s just um…awkward.  The coworker he’s teasing me about, he’s nice, and sweet, but I don’t want this guy to think I’m making my store manager say this.  Anywho, I should probably hit the sack because I have work in the morning.


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So without technology, where would we be?  I don’t want to use perverse language, but I have to say, we’d be in a s***-hole.  I know that’s probably terrible to say to the average human ear, but an experience at work the other night drew me to this conclusion.  You see, I’m a cashier at a giant retail conglomerate you might know called “Sears,” and the entire company’s “system” went “down” a few days ago, and absolutely destroyed the “natural” flow of things in the world of us cashiers and salespeople.  

I’m quite certain that if our entire world fell apart, only electronically we wouldn’t know what to do, and though I greatly appreciate the convenience of online billing and being able to slide a credit card and not have to have my card number written down and buying purchases online, the trepidation in people’s eyes because I had to do EVERYTHING manually on my register that night drove me nuts.

In a sense, I had to be my own price checker, I had to run across the store to make sure items were or weren’t on sale and had to write down the skews and item numbers and prices to put into the register because the entire system couldn’t even do a dang price check.  People were looking at me like I was the computer itself and how come I couldn’t fix myself.  Even if you called Sears help desk, they were having the same issues, and couldn’t help us.  Before we knew it, I was calling for customer assistance and only one manager came to help me.  Which is ridiculous because, we’re always told if there are three or more customers in line, to call for customer assistance.  Well, I did, about five times.  And only one person came. It was great, literally great.  Some people were surprisingly understanding, but others, would let out very heavy and noticeable sighs that they were annoyed.  As if there was so much I could do about it.  JUST very nutty. and annoying.  


Retail is quite the business.  If you desire a different, quite eventful experience every day.  You’ll definitely get one in a retail company.  Especially Sears.  Maybe our world is in a recession, but people still shop.  They might not want credit cards, like all the different Sears ones, but they want to shop.  And they won’t understand new-fangled technologies, but they’ll want it to all work super fast and not be very understanding of any potential technology meltdowns.  My favorite situation to witness, or rather, most common one to witness, is how people refuse to read a sign correctly and insist that the computer is wrong.  

“That was on a 75% off rack.”

“No, ma’am, all clearance signs say UP TO 75% off, which means it could be anywhere UP to 75% off, doesn’t mean it IS 75% off.”

“Well, that’s MISLEADING.”

“No it’s not, you just have to read the sign.”

“Well, I’m going somewhere ELSE for a price check.”

(As if it’s going to change at another register)

More proof that our world is dependent on the very “strange” technology that we just don’t get, most of us of course.  I know a few savvy computer dudes and dudettes myself, but overall I believe it’s not even the technology, it’s just the people.  And some people never change.  And it’s also quite a show to watch.  There are certainly days I’m not sure I entirely believe what I’m observing, and living.  So the other night, as you can understand from reading the above, was one of those days.  And I’m sure there will be many more.  Oh, fiddle-dee dee….I think that’s all for now.


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