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David caught my attention from the very beginning, and I adored him throughout the entire American Idol Season.  This was the first season that I actually watched most of the way through.  I even went to itunes and bought his songs from the show.  

I had missed a few shows because of work, so I had no idea about his brother’s worsening brain cancer, but I saw where the emotions in his songs were coming from.  He is a beautiful artist all around.  I don’t know why they call him a “black horse” in the competition.

I love that he came in knowing how to play a guitar, and that his voice is so artistic, original and unconventional, but yet so unique and emotional that it leaves your body in knots of excitement.  Or pleasure, what have you.  I’d rather be honest than sugar-coating it with something princessy.  

Dude, I’m infatuated with David Cook.  Though I feel connected more to him than most celebrities because he’s started as one of us nobodies and made a way for himself out there.  Kudos to you, David Cook and I hope you’re doing well and enjoying this beautiful night! You are amazing, keep doing what you do!  And your brother is in my thoughts and prayers, as are you.  Don’t stress yourself out too much.  We’re all rooting for you!

Much Love,



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I was disconnected from the internet as I was informed I needed to get a better paying job because if I wanted to work at Sears for the rest of my life I shouldn’t have attended college and wasted all that money.  But I’m determined to maintain the opinion that college years are the best of your lives when you’re twenty-three and still living with your parents.  

So yes, I work at Sears, at a mall.  I won’t say where so I don’t give myself away and have people stalking me if they feel I’ve given them bad customer service.  Which of course would never happen, because the people that know me, are fully aware that I’m the sweetest person at the company.  Seriously.  I get stepped on repeatedly and often.  If you’re sweet and nice, you get stepped on, it’s just how it is in retail.

So I’ve decided, I should give everyone a daily (if possible) experience of what life is like in retail for as long as I remain at Sears, which I hope won’t be long.  But who knows.  I told myself that a year ago when I graduated on May 12th of 2007 from a private liberal arts college with a degree in English literature, double minors in theatre arts and writing for publication…and cum laude I might add.  

But of course.  That’s never enough.  In school they encourage you to follow your dreams. They never inform you that there will be a recession immediately following your college graduation or that your country will be in a war for seven years that you still have no idea about how it all got the way it did.  I mean I know 9/11 and all.  

But really. We were supposed to be the nation to crush everyone else’s.  Not that saying we should be, but that’s the image we had.  America was and is to some extent still the place everyone from another country wanted to be.  And look where we are now.  Our dollar is worth less than the Canadian dollar.  I’m not really here to talk about George Bush/John McCain, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, this is not a political-specific blog but it’s important to reference and be aware that unfortunately, as tends to usually be the case, politics had something to do with why I’m here the way I am, and why I, a talented young woman and fairly intelligent individual, (though I’m not going to go quoting IQs because if I were, I’d be in the medical field or math-related industries, and wouldn’t need to be here writing about my life.) why I am still working in retail. 

I’ll preface this by explaining that I experience some pretty crazy encounters on a daily basis, and don’t be surprised if you’re thinking to yourself that you can’t believe what you’re reading because seriously, sometimes I can’t believe these things actually happened.  I’ll post two entries today, this one being the preface and the next being an experience that occurred last week that I thought you might find interesting. Enjoy! I hope.

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