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So I worked on the novel last night.  I’m trying to work on a section I’m not sure how to go about without making it sound cliche and every other superhero story out there.  This is the only one I’ve worked on, but I know they’re probably about a dime a dozen for all the writers out there.  I’m also feeling wicked eager to get something published, but I’m not sure of any trustworthy venues.  Everything I have is also in a bit of a phase.  Nothing’s completely set for publication yet.  But I’m gathering things in the works into small collections that I can work with and say, alright, I’m this far on this one and I’ve got a few more steps on this one.  


I also haven’t totally been in the mood for blogging lately.  Mainly because I’m so tired.  And frustrated with my darned double sprained ankle for being so slow on healing.  But that’s partially my fault because I can’t afford the darned physical therapy.  I have to meet a thousand dollar deductible before they pay much of anything.  It’s ICKY.  To say the least.  


Health insurance is another thing I’m not crazy about.  In Mass, you’re required to have it, but some of the cheapest plans are about 2000 a year.  And guess what I barely make 9 grand a year working in retail.  And that’s not including all the loans I’m paying off from college and car insurance, that’s another thousand plus, and my parents want me to start paying rent.  This is fairly fabulous, don’t you think?  So you can see why writing has gotten the back burner so often.  I wrote about 3 and a half pages last night on the superhero novel and I was grateful.  I would have written more, but I started getting sleepy around ten o’clock.  


I’m working the cash office for two weeks, one week down, one more to go.  I’m gonna miss the early hours and going home before the sun sets, ooh, and having weekends off.  That’s the sucky thing about retail.  Weekends off are a rarity.  So I’m soaking up as much of this as I can.  


I’m gonna go have some breakfast.  Peace out cub scouts!


PS: Natasha Bedingfield’s new album “Pocketful of Sunshine” is fabulous and the perfect feel good album.


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The Preface:


This is usually the part of the book no one wants to read.  But I’m using it as an introduction to my blogging experience with WordPress.  You see.  I actually am a fairly proficient blogger.  I’ve had a private blog for about five years, and attempted to have one via Blogger, to be more public, but I’ve been encouraged that this blogging site is “cooler.”  And it seems to have more readership. 


I must confess that I think Livejournal has the formatting topped with being able to tell everyone your mood and what fabulous music you’re listening to.  I can’t help but tell you that that feature is a quirk that has always been fun to add to a blog.  And I’m sure if the feature’s not here, I either haven’t found it yet, or it will be added soon.


So you can read about me in the “About Me” section.  *gasps*  Quite unconventional, aye?  Well, I had to leave a little suspense in there for you! 🙂


Other unmentionables, I love to read, take pictures, sketch occasionally when the mood strikes, and am a terrible compulsive shopper.  Starbucks is also my favorite place to get coffee, mainly because they’re the only chain that I know of to have the option of “soy milk” in their drinks.  And it actually tastes good.  So I know there are people who hate Starbucks, but as Sherman Alexie once said, and I don’t directly quote, “I contest everything else, allow me my Starbucks,” or something to that effect.


So yes, I enjoy my iced soy grande caramel macchiato. The only drink I really have there.  I also enjoy their fabulously expensive, and giant chocolate chip cookies, not the M&M ones that I always ask to check if they’re soft, because I have bit into a hard cookie, and taken in back.  I work in retail, at Sears, which is another place I know a lot of people seem to hate lately.  And I’m not saying they don’t have their negative qualities, but I like them.  And not just because I work there.  


I should also mention I’m currently in a rut because I thought the real world would be more exciting and that my fabulously expensive college education would get me a fabulous high paying job.  But I’ve learned otherwise, as you’ll learn if you continue to read my blog.  Because I’ll certainly tell you.


So this is a sample of what you’ll probably be seeing from me, almost completely random topics composed quickly because I’m a fast typist thanks to AIM and the five years of Livejournal.  There will probably be a general theme scattered throughout the entries, and I’ll be categorized under something I don’t intend, but the important thing is that I will be read.  Most entries will probably be longer, but I’m afraid today I’ve already done two or three blogging entries, so I’m blogged out thus far.  Maybe tonight I’ll post again, because I like to, but at the moment, my eyes feel swollen from staring at the TV for too long.  (Oh, and I love comments and meeting new people, new ideas…)


Peace, Love & English Tea Biscuits!



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